The market seems ready for reversal and it’s the rightest time for another Ripple price prediction. The correction is over or, at least, closing to the end. Bitcoin is moving up and taking the whole market with it. XRP is no exception, the coin has all the chances to gain a foothold above $0.24. But let’s revise the events and prospects for the near future.

The correction has sent the market below $250 billion. Bitcoin found a bottom around $8,500 and XRP has dropped to $0.23. This situation continued for one week but now it starts to change. At the moment of writing, BTC has already exceeded $9,100 and Ripple jumped over $0.24. We think there are good chances to stay above that line. Let’s look at technical indicators first.

Are technicals even matters?

The technical data of the coin continues to be negative. Moving averages in the selling area, but the Oscillators are changing in a positive direction. Let’s look at the data in three scales:

  1. 1D. Moving averages and Oscillators recommend selling a coin. Simple Moving Averages remain positive.
  2. 1W. Changing the scale for one week affects the overall situation. Now, Oscillators recommend buying, but all Moving Averages are in the red zone.
  3. 1M. The monthly situation is changing a bit. Oscillators are neutral, and Moving Averages all recommend selling.

The situation seems disappointing, but we know how volatile the technical data is. Especially during the period of the pump market.

Two sides of XRP price predictions

When the price reaches the bottom, the most part of analysts starts lean to growth in their Ripple price predictions. Let’s take a look at the most promising of them.

Positive side

XRP price prediction of ProjectSyndicate says that in-short terms the price will bounce up to $0.25. We can expect a re-test of strong horizontal on the $0.25 level. Maybe the growth will continue if we could find a foothold there.

ProjectSyndicate’s XRP price prediction

User LucaTurciGuapeva is ready for growth. In his XRP price prediction, he said that Ripple is accumulating over the old trend line on the H&S pattern.

LucaTurciGuapeva’s XRP Price Prediciton

According to the Ripple price prediction of DeGRAM, the price will be moving higher and higher. It has broken the resistance line and is moving the next one on a $0.247 level. The next mark to conquer is $0.266.

DeGram’s Ripple Price Prediction

Negative side

Let’s add a pinch of salt to our XRP price prediction and look at negative scenarios for the coin.

Sometimes we add XRP price predictions from Alex_Clay. This time we glad that the analyst is wrong. He claims that the price of Ripple lost the support trendline and is gonna fall lower. But as we can see, his scenario includes a strong resistance at $0.245 maybe decline will start up there.

Alex_Clay’s XRP Price Prediction

MagicPoopCannon is one of the most popular analysts on the TradingView website. His XRP price prediction says that the price must continue to fall because the price broke about strong resistance at the top of the falling wedge pattern. Additionally, there was a bearish crossover of the moving averages. He also notes that XRP is forming a bear flag now. We can expect a further decline.

MagicPoopCannon’s Ripple Price Prediction

News background

The news flow was positive enough for the Ripple price. There was a good activity on the market and one new partnership with a big UAE bank. We can’t say that they affected the price of the coin but it’s a good news background anyway. If the market will be moving towards the skies, even such news can push the value up!

Our Ripple price prediction

The final point for today, as usual, is our XRP price prediction:

  1. We believe that the correction is coming to an end.
  2. Now the whole market is turning, including Ripple.
  3. The movement to the top, as usual, will be led by Bitcoin.
  4. Good news can accelerate growth, as we said above, but you should not expect that this will be a sharp increase.
  5. You should not rely heavily on TA.

The hard times have passed, BTC will move toward halving with consistent value increase. This movement will affect the whole market. We can expect future growth in price for Ripple. Take the chance to buy it at the bottom.