Ripple ( XRP ) Exchanges

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We have dedicated a page with the best XRP exchanges in order to help traders find the most suitable trading platform for XRP. Our list features the top 19 Ripple exchanges that have the highest 24-hour volume for XRP.

* The Ripple ( XRP ) exchange doesn’t have this particular pair. The value is automatically converted to Bitcoin ( BTC ) or fiat ( USD/EUR ) using a global exchange rate.

Our XRP Exchanges Live Price Explained

XRP is among the top five cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization, and it is currently the third most traded cryptocurrency in the world, after Bitcoin and Ethereum. XRP is also unique in the sense that it is the only cryptocurrency backed from a long list of banks and financial institutions. As such, it is normal that many investors are looking to trade with the coin and discover the best place to buy Ripple.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are sites that allow you to buy, sell, or exchange digital assets for other crypto or fiat currencies, such as EUR or USD. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges where you can purchase XRP. You will mostly find XRP paired against Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT, but there are also a few options that allow you to buy Ripple with USD or EUR.

There are XRP exchanges that are more geared towards beginner use, which have a straightforward buying and selling process, and some are oriented to cater to professional trading, as they feature advanced tools and charting systems.

An essential aspect of XRP exchanges is the daily trading volume. This shows traders that the platform has sufficient activity and liquidity to support a higher volume of trades and that your order will be executed quickly.