At XRPNow we have already shared with you how to buy Ripple in different countries. In this article, we will tell you how to buy Ripple in Canada. Despite having a small population compared to other countries, Canada is an important market for Ripple users. 

Indeed, Ripple has properly expanded in this country and it could continue to do so in the future. How to buy Ripple in Canada is not a difficult thing and there are many options for users. At the same time, the country has some crypto-related regulations in place. This is very useful for companies to offer better solutions and services. 

Canadians have been very interested in cryptocurrencies. Ripple (XRP) is one of the largest and most popular ones ( You can check the XRP / CAD live price on XRPNow ). This is the main reason why this guide will be very useful for you. We will explain to you how to buy Ripple in Canada and how you can store these funds. We will also provide you with a brief introduction about What is Ripple. 

What Is Ripple?

XRP is currently one of the most popular and valuable virtual currencies in the market. Indeed, in terms of market valuation, XRP is currently the third-largest digital asset. Only Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have higher market capitalization than XRP. 

Ripple is the company that is working in order to expand XRP and its financial services and products. Nowadays, it is very difficult and expensive to send and receive money across borders. This is why Ripple is working in order to make it easier for companies to perform international transfers. 

It can take up to several days to send funds from Los Angeles to London. However, by using XRP and Ripple’s services, this can be done in a few seconds. This is possible thanks to the liquidity tool provided by Ripple and XRP. 

It is possible to buy XRP with local currency, send the XRP abroad and sell them to receive another currency. This can take up to a few minutes, but it is certainly much faster than traditional systems. 

In this way, Ripple is working so as to improve financial efficiency around the world. Through its RippleNet network and XRP, transfers can be processed in just some minutes. 

How to Buy Ripple in Canada?

If you are Canadian, this is perhaps one of the most important questions as an investor. Ripple is growing and reaching new markets and it could be a good time to acquire some XRP. How to buy Ripple in Canada may not be difficult if you know about virtual currencies. Nonetheless, it can become somehow complicated for newcomers. 

We will explain to you which are the best ways on how to buy Ripple in Canada. One of the easiest methods to do so is by using crypto exchanges. These exchanges are crypto platforms that offer trading services to users. At the same time, they can be used to have exposure to the market – buying and selling digital assets. Although you may already know how to buy Ripple in Canada, we will share with you some options. 

Coinberry Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinberry is a growing crypto exchange that is allowing traders and investors to acquire XRP. This platform accepts Canadian dollars (CAD) and it is possible to deposit them on the exchange. Users can handle their funds through a bank transfer, credit cards, cryptocurrencies and more. 

Getting registered is a very straightforward process that you will be able to do in a few minutes. By using this platform, you will also be able to trade other virtual currencies. These include Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 

This is very useful if you want to handle different virtual currencies. Despite that, there are other platforms with a larger number of digital assets supported. This exchange is going to be a very good way on how to buy Ripple in Canada. 

It is very easy and straightforward if you are only interested in acquiring XRP as an investment. Take always into account that this is just a user-friendly exchange. If you want other crypto-related services, there are other platforms that would suit better to you. 

Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange

24h Change %
24h Volume $
Bitcoin ( BTC ) 0.00000000
U.S. Dollar ( USD ) $
Euro ( EUR )

Binance is perhaps one of the largest and most popular exchanges in the world. This platform is very useful for individuals that want to acquire virtual currencies in the market. With Binance, you will not only be able to buy Ripple but also more than 180 virtual currencies. 

In a similar way as Coinberry, Binance offers users the possibility to handle Canadian Dollars (CAD). This is certainly useful if you want to acquire Ripple with fiat currencies. Moreover, Binance supports other fiat currencies. Some of them includex GBP ( XRP / GBP ), USD ( XRP / USD ), UAH ( XRP / UAH ), RUB ( XRP / RUB ), and EUR ( XRP / EUR ), among others. However, if you want to use these fiat currencies you may need to use a subsidiary of the exchange. 

This platform is not as simple as the one mentioned before. Indeed, Binance has been expanding as a very complex crypto services provider. Nowadays, it offers a wide range of virtual currencies, solutions and products. 

For example, Binance users can also participate in Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) through the Binance Launchpad. At the same time, traders can lend their funds and get some interest in them. Furthermore, the exchange is also offering staking services for some digital assets. 

Binance has also very large liquidity in a wide range of trading pairs. Indeed, the exchange is offering many trading pairs, stablecoins and digital assets. These are some of the reasons why Binance is a great solution for traders. 

This is going to be helpful to buy Ripple, but it will be more useful for expert and more power crypto users. 

Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange

24h Change %
24h Volume $
Bitcoin ( BTC ) 0.00000000
U.S. Dollar ( USD ) $
Euro ( EUR )

Kraken is also a recognized and established crypto exchange in the market. This platform offers a wide range of deposit methods. Individuals can fund their accounts with Electronic Funds, with Bank Transfers, Wire transfers and more. 

Some of the currencies accepted by the platform include CAD, GBP, CHF, JPY, USD and EUR. In the future, they may add other fiat currencies. Moreover, they are now offering traders 32 different virtual currencies to exchange. Among them, we find Ripple and the traditional ones: LTC, BTC, ETH, etc. 

With Kraken, users will have more advanced services than with Coinberry, but not as many as those offered by Binance. That means that this is an intermediate platform in terms of functionalities and features. Nonetheless, it has been operating in the market for a long time and it is also in constant contact with regulators. 

Regulatory issues are now starting to grow around the world. It is always important to have a close relationship with governmental organizations. Basically, with this platform, users will easily find an answer to how to buy Ripple in Canada. 

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange

24h Change %
24h Volume $
Bitcoin ( BTC ) 0.00000000
U.S. Dollar ( USD ) $
Euro ( EUR )

Coinbase is also a large and recognized crypto exchange in the market. Launched many years ago, this is a very good option for newcomers. It is considered to be very easy to use and to have a very intuitive interface. 

Coinbase accepts bank transfers for ACH and SEPA, besides wire transfers. Moreover, users can fund their accounts by sending digital assets if they are already invested in cryptos. Despite the fact they were known for offering just a few digital assets, they have added 26 cryptocurrencies. 

This is going to be one of the best solutions on how to buy Ripple in Canada. It is worth mentioning that this exchange handles only USD, EUR and GBP according to the place the user is located in. This is a disadvantage if you want to buy Ripple using CAD ( XRP / CAD ) as a fiat currency. 

Coinbase is also offering a wide range of services. Users can also stake some virtual currencies to earn some rewards. Moreover, they have a pro platform that works very efficiently for investors. Expert traders tend to use Coinbase Pro services. Meanwhile, newcomers to the space would prefer to use the traditional Coinbase platform. 

Ledger Wallet to Store XRP

Ledger Wallet – The most secure wallet for your blockchain assets.

Handling cryptocurrencies can be a tricky thing. Several crypto exchanges have been hacked in the past, and this has affected a large number of users. Hackers and attackers tend to target crypto exchanges because they handle several digital currencies from users. 

One of the best ways to reduce your exposure to hackers and attacks is by using Ledger hardware wallets. This company became a respected player in the market. Indeed, its Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X solutions are now the best crypto hardware wallets. 

With these two solutions, users will be protected from attackers and hackers. Despite being very useful it is necessary to pay for them. This solution is the best one if you want to hold virtual currencies securely. 


In this article, we have shared with you how to buy Ripple in Canada. There are several exchanges offering users the possibility to acquire XRP. In this way, you will be able to enter the crypto market and be a Ripple holder.