As the whole cryptocurrency market continues to grow and expand, new users are coming trying to be part of this exciting industry. One way to do so is by using a Ripple faucet. However, it might not be very easy for users to start buying virtual currencies. Of course, including Ripple (XRP) the third-largest digital asset after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

One of the simplest methods to have access and exposure to virtual currencies is by using a faucet. A faucet is a website in which individuals can easily earn XRP or other cryptocurrencies by performing simple tasks. In this article, we will share with you how to start earning XRP through a Ripple faucet. But moreover, which are the best options currently available in the market. 

What is a Ripple Faucet?

If you are a newcomer and you want to earn some XRP without having to invest in this virtual currency, you can do so by using a Ripple faucet. This solution would provide you with some XRP coins that you could use in order to have a first impression of the virtual currency market. 

With a Ripple faucet, it will be possible for you to start earning XRP in a fast and easy way by performing very easy tasks. In many cases, you will only have to press a button every some time, while in others they will request you to confirm that you are a human. 

After all, you will receive some XRP from the Ripple faucet that will be sent to the wallet that you are currently using. If you want to know more how to store XRP, you can read our full guide Ripple (XRP) wallets.

The main benefit of using a crypto faucet is related to the fact that you will not need to use a crypto exchange to have access to digital currencies. Nevertheless, it will be very difficult to earn a lot with a crypto faucet. 

Ripple Faucet – CoinFaucet

CoinFaucet is one of the most popular solutions for users that want to start using a Ripple faucet. Until now, 14.74 million XRP has been won by users by using this faucet. Users will be able to get free Ripple every single hour by playing a very simple game. Indeed, the luckiest users may even win up to $300 in XRP. 

Additionally, users will receive 50% of whatever their friends earn if they refer them. This is very useful if you have a group of companions that are interested in the crypto market and want to start earning XRP by using this Ripple faucet. 

In addition to it, CoinFaucet will allow individuals to perform instant withdrawals. This would allow users not to wait to get paid after earning their XRP. The only thing they would have to do is to wait until they reach the very minimum withdrawal amount. You will be receiving funds just by clicking a button once per hour. 

Moreover, there are going to be a wide range of promotions during the day. If you follow CoinFaucet on Twitter, you will not need to wait for an hour to earn Ripple once again. You can get free promo codes, that would be very useful to get extra clicks while waiting for the next hour. This is an option that not all the faucets have. You should take it into account, considering it increases the funds you receive through this Ripple faucet. 

RippleFree Faucet

You can also start to earn free XRP by using the innovative RippleFree faucet. Users will be able to claim XRP every a few minutes and start collecting their funds and building their portfolios. 

Every 5 minutes, you will receive 0.0009 XRP, that will become 0.0017 every 10 minutes, or 0.0023 every 15 minutes. The amount of XRP that you will receive through this Ripple faucet is going to be growing the longer you keep the clock running. After an entire day, you will receive 0.00289 XRP. If you click every five minutes, at the end of the day you will have 1,296 XRP in your account. 

In a similar way as the previous Ripple faucet, users will be able to share their affiliate links with their friends and crypto enthusiasts. This would allow them to receive 50% of the funds that their friends receive. 

It is worth mentioning that the RippleFree faucet is also offering users the possibility to collect Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) through other faucets as well. If you want to have a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies by investing a little bit of your time every single day, you can do so in just a few steps through this RippleFree faucet.

XColander Ripple Faucet

The XColander Ripple faucet is one of the most advanced solutions for users to start earning XRP for their time. Individuals will be able to click on the roll button and get their free Ripple coins. Users will be able to earn as much as 9.99 XRP if they get the lucky number (10,000). 

There are different levels for users to earn XRP. For example, the first three tiers will be rewarding users with 0.00000999 XRP, 0.00009990 XRP and 0.00099900 XRP. However, the highest three tiers will reward users with 0.09990000 XRP, 0.99900000 XRP and 9.99000000 XRP. 

This faucet is also very good for individuals that want to earn other digital currencies. They are also providing Litecoin, Tron (TRX) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) faucets, among others. Users can start playing every 30 minutes to win additional free coins each of the times. Xcolander has also a betting and statistic section for users that want to do more things through this faucet. 


Faucets are a good tool for newcomers and individuals without having the possibility to make an investment in the space. Although the funds you will earn are not a lot, they will help you understand how virtual currencies work and how they can be used.