Ripple could be working on a new XRP-based e-commerce platform that would be used for payments. This is according to Craig DeWitt, Ripple’s director of product, who explained that they want to make it extremely simple for users to start accepting XRP payments. 

The goal is to increase the number of people and firms using XRP for their purchases and increase the use cases for one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. Ripple is not only expanding in this market, but they are also trying to attract financial companies to start using the XRP virtual currency to process cross border payments. 

The Ripple and XRP community engaged with Mr. DeWitt’s proposal. For example, WietseWInd, a recognized XRP developer and Ripple promoter said that they could team up to do a paybruner and xumm implementations, which could be done at once. 

With this new platform – which is not yet live – XRP demand could certainly grow. During the last years, the XRP community has been asking for an expansion of the use cases related to XRP. Moreover, they were also expecting Ripple to reduce their programmatic sales of XRP in order to fund their operations and projects. 

At the moment, XRPNow reports that XRP is the third-largest cryptocurrency in the market being traded above $0.20 and with a market valuation of over $8.85 billion.