The Ripple-backed Coil platform to allow creators to receive payments online has partnered with Uphold in order for users to start receiving payments. This comes after a partnership that was announced by Uphold in a recent press release. 

In this way, the Uphold wallet provider will provide access to more than 50 currencies in the world, including bank connectivity and debit card support. Coil aims at helping content creators to monetize their content. The Coil platform is also working with the XRP cryptocurrency allowing individuals to receive payments in real-time. 

Coil is also being powered by the Interledger protocol which provides Coil with the possibility to offer users the possibility to settle payments in a fast and easy way. At the moment Coil works with fiat currencies and digital assets. 

Robin O’Connell, the Chief Revenue Officer at Uphold, commented that this new partnership would allow users to pay for subscriptions, articles and also premium experiences with zero-clicks and also in real-time. “Feels like the future,” he stated. 

In addition to it, he said that Uphold will be allowing Coil to bridge both old and new money systems and offering seamless payment experiences – including settlement – for content creators using this platform. It is worth mentioning that U.S. creators using Uphold will receive the Uphold debit card with 2% CryptoBack and 1% CashBack.