ShapeShift, one of the most popular crypto trading platforms in the market has decided to add XRP and offer support to users. The information was released by the company a few hours ago and the Ripple community received it positively. 

Users will now be able to send, receive and trade XRP without commission using the KeepKey solution that ShapeShift offers on its platform. This could be very positive for XRP, one of the largest and most popular digital assets in the market. 

This is part of the general expansion that Ripple and XRP are experiencing despite the current price action, which may seem bearish for many analysts and traders. By using the ShapeShift platform, it will be possible for users to have an easy, fast and simple access to XRP, which can be used as an investment tool – among other things. 

This could help many users that didn’t have access to XRP to do it for the first time. Thus, this could have a positive effect on the price of the virtual currency. That being said, this is not confirmed and we cannot be sure that this would happen. 

At the time of writing this article, XRPNow reports that XRP has a price of $0.2029 and it had a trading volume of $756 million in the last 24 hours.