One of the most popular creations of the XRP community was the XRP TipBot. It was used by users to send and receive tips using the XRP cryptocurrency, the third most valuable in the world after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). 

However, the XRP TipBot experienced some issues in the last few weeks. The founder of the XRPL Labs, known as Wietse Wind, informed that his hobby project that was used to send over 2.5 million in XRP on a wide range of social platforms. 

However, due to a bill that was passed by the government of the Netherlands regarding cryptocurrency custody, the project must find a new path. As Wietse Wind explained, in order for the XRP TipBot to survive, he had to search a way to handle the project and being compliant with NL laws. This is why he partnered with Uphold in order for the XRP TipBot to keep running. 

Now, users that want to use the XRP TipBot will have to us an Uphold account – which many crypto users already have. This would allow the project to move on and to be compliant with the current laws that apply to these crypto services and the custody of coins. 

As Wietse Wind explained, the new partnership would allow the XRP TipBot to benefit with a fiat on-ramp, a fiat off-ramp, a crypto exchange, among other things.