The venture capitalist Kevin Rose believes that XRP could be used to power settlements around the world. Mr. Rose was in charge of leading Google’s Investment in Ripple many years ago.

Ripple, one of the largest cryptocurrency companies around the world has been expanding offering services to banks and other financial institutions. The main goal was to offer reliable cross border payments services – in some cases using the XRP cryptocurrency

During an interview with TechCrunch, Rose stated that Ripple is allowing firms to feel safe and comfortable by using blockchain technology. He mentioned that Ripple standardized something that many firms didn’t understand and believed it was dangerous to handle. 

Nonetheless, he considers that it may be somehow difficult for XRP to grow as a viable currency in the future. Rose said that there may never be a use case for XRP as a currency. 

XRP can certainly be used to make cross border payments and source liquidity on demand. Many institutions, firms and companies are already using it so as to reduce cross costs for cross-border payments and make transactions faster and easier.

This is why it is possible today to get liquidity with a fiat currency, send the funds to another country, and get the XRP instantly exchanged for another fiat currency at the destination country.