Ripple, one of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency market has launched the platform last year. This is helping developers and enthusiasts have an easier way to build in the blockchain industry. The official information was recently released by Ripple on its official blog.

The Xpring platform is providing tools, services and programs for developers to integrate money into their applications. This does not only help the whole crypto market expand but it also allows XRP to reach new users. 

Ripple Launches DevRel Platform

Ripple has released the DevRel platform which is the short version of developer relations. This is an integral part of the Xpring solution. The new platform will allow the community to be more engaged regarding the different initiatives in the industry. 

Xpring is one of the newest and most innovative products released by Ripple. With DevRel, developers are able to engage in three different ways: content, events and support. The firm is focused on producing content that makes it much easier for the community to access distributed ledger technology. 

Participants will release sample code, technical documentation, written posts and video demos. DevRel is also present on Twitter, one of the largest social media networks in the world: @XpringDev

Furthermore, Ripple’s Xpring is also increasing its presence in different events that are taking place around the world. This allows developers to directly engage with users and the whole community. 

These new methods of communication are very useful for the whole developer community. Users can easily share their feedback, engage in different activities and promote XRP. Finally, the whole team at Xpring is ready to listen to what the community has to say. DevRel is now an integral part of the Xpring ecosystem, which is expanding at very fast rates.

Ripple and the Xpring Platform

Ripple has been expanding in the last years in the cryptocurrency market. However, its mission is far from over. The company continues to be an active promoter of a wide range of crypto and blockchain solutions. Despite the fact they created the RippleNet platform and are offering liquidity for cross border payments, they continue to innovate. 

This time, Ripple released the Xpring solution that aims at decentralizing even further the whole Ripple ecosystem. Xpring has initially launched a year ago so as to enable the Internet of Value. This happened to support the whole community fo developers that are using XRP ( You can check the live XRP price on our website ). 

The official report released by Ripple explains that students and developers find high barriers to enter the market. Indeed, it is very difficult nowadays to find the proper and necessary tools to create and integrate crypto solutions. This is why to support the growth and development of the whole XRP ecosystem, Ripple released Xpring. 

Xpring made for developers by developers

Xpring is a platform for developers and enthusiasts they can use to integrate cryptocurrencies into applications. Now, this solution is available for 23 million developers located in different countries around the world. 

It is worth mentioning that includes a wallet, tools and other services for them. Furthermore, Ripple has also decided to make new updates to Xpring’s SDK and the XRP Ledger. Interledger has also been improved as well. 

Regarding, the official report released by Ripple reads as follows:

“ is a developer site that will serve as a hub for developers to access tools, services and documentation that help enable payments in their products and apps.”

As they have explained, comes with a wallet to make it easy to manage all the developers’ tools. This helps them to generate and manage account credentials, view balances and monitor transaction history.

Wallets are not only useful for investors. Blockchain developers need to have stable and adapted crypto wallets for their needs. They are a very important piece of infrastructure to build the blockchain services of the future. With better and high-quality wallets and solutions, developers will certainly build better services. 

At the moment, the wallet is supporting the XRP Testnet. It is now an important feature and it will be a central part of the whole Ripple ecosystem. 

Xpring SDK

According to Ethan Beard, the Senior Vice President of Xpring at Ripple, Xpring SDK is the main tool for developers to integrate money into apps. As he wrote, they want to make it simple and easy for developers to add money to their applications.

This Xpring SDK solution works with the XRP Ledger’s fast confirmation and settlement finality. In this way, developers can know that their transactions have been added to the network. This is certainly an advantage of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). 

In addition to it, the Xpring SDK solution offers support for both Python and Go, among other programming languages. This helps developers that are handling these languages rather than Java, JavaScript or Swift. Nevertheless, all the aforementioned programming languages are supported. 

XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger 1.4.0 is now available to developers on the XRP Testnet and its Mainnet. Users would also be able to delete XRP Ledger accounts and recover 15 XRP using Deletable Accounts. This is one of the brand new features that would help increase the sustainability of the network. 

In addition to it, a prototype of native support for gRPC on the XRP Ledger is being reviewed. This could eventually be added in the future XRP Ledger 1.5.0 version. This would help developers from different languages have access to the XRP Ledger. 


Ripple decided to launch new services for developers. This would make it easier for them to have access to the Ripple ecosystem. Moreover, the goal is to expand the whole crypto market to a wide range of applications. 

With Xpring, Ripple is facilitating to developers all the tools they need to integrate money into their applications. In addition to it, they have set up the Xpring blog that supports Web Monetization. 

By releasing the DevRel platform, Xpring developers and users can easily get in touch. Listening is always one of the most important parts of creating and building solutions.

Finally, Xpring was created to offer new updates every single quarter to developers in the space. Ethan Beard and all the team at Ripple are ready to work with all the developers in the market to enable new business models and crypto use cases.