Ripple is working on a new XRP-based cryptocurrency trading platform that may be released to the market in the coming months or years. The company is now looking for a new employee that would join the team and that would work as a software engineer. 

According to the official application, the firm is currently working on an “enterprise-grade” distributed trading platform that would allow users and clients to have access to both cryptocurrencies and the wide range of services provider by Ripple. 

In addition to it, Ripple is also confirming that the Ripple crypto trading platform will be liked to their XRP-based On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution. 

This service is allowing companies and clients to send cross-border payments in fiat currencies using the XRP digital asset as a bridge currency. This makes it faster and cheaper to exchange currencies and send funds across borders. XRP has the main characteristic of being cheap to use and very fast to perform transfers. 

This could be very bullish for XRP once it is released and once it reaches a large number of clients. Ripple is now working with over 300 financial companies and organizations around the world that use Ripple’s solutions to make cross-border payments and transfers.